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ARK Top Table Sale June 30

Please bring items you no longer need to Salt Box, for us to recycle . . . the proceeds will pay vet fees of needy street animals. There will be a table top sale this Tuesday 30 June at Salt Box . . . we can squeeze a few more tables in if you’d like to book one –…

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THE ARK STORY CONTINUES . .. When we first moved to Kuşadası 10 years ago, Alan & I agreed that we would have no house pets. In England we’d had a much-loved miniature long-haired dacshund and a cat, for whom we had found good homes, but we intended to explore our new country and pets would be too tying,…

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Stand at Turizm Haftazı (week of Tourism) at the Kervanseray Kusadasi

Our very first fundraising event was great! We are delighted to announce that Animal Rescue Kusadasi hds been granted a stand on the Turizm Haftasi  (tourist week) event at the Kervan Seray (map Kervansasray Kusadasi) from 20-23 April 2018. Many came to our stand for information and several nice items, cookies and cakes were sold, Of course all revenue…

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Why help is needed for the stray cats and dogs

If you see the pictures no further explanation is needed. Although many Turkish people are also animal lovers many, unlike citizens in most European countries, often they do not have the funds for neutering, spaying and even medical care. That is why there are so many stray cats and dogs and the number is increasing every year.    …

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