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Big Boy

Meet Big Boy . . . I don’t know how long he’d been at the shelter, but he certainly did all he could to get himself noticed this afternoon, would have swung on chandeliers had there been any . . . and this is his reward, neutered and now free to wander the pathways of our site . ….

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Adopted Dog

This adorable little kangal pup appeared at Dee’s house demanding to be fed. Many of you will know Dee, though she’s not on FB. Dee was for many years the mainstay of Gossips campaign for the street animals. She would love to take care of this little chap but, unfortunately, her neighbours already object to the number of cats…

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Male puppy has a forever home

Male puppy has a forever home! This cute puppy was found.  The puppy is a male. It was found and taken home by a member that does not live here permanently and that is leaving soon.. A family living in the same sitesi has adopted this cute little fellow. That’s wonderful news!

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The story of tiny kitten Tilly

Another Kitten Stole our Hearts When our darling three-legged Disabled Danyel (nick-named Üç) drowned in our site pool at the beginning of the year, part of us died with him. He was so very loved that we vowed we’d never again allow a kitten to capture and break our hearts. A year ago we’d agreed to offer respite care…

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