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Month: April 2018

Yavru Kedi Bakımı

Yeni doğan bir kedinin sütten kesilene kadar ki süreçte faydalı olabilecek bir takım bilgiler; İlk hafta yaşanan temel endişeler; beslenme, bulundukları ortamın ısısı ve tuvaletlerini kendi başlarına yapabilmeleridir.   İlk seçenek olarak yetim bebeği kendi yavrusu gibi sahiplenecek bir anne kedi bulmaktır. Eğer anne kedi bulunamazsa bebekler biberon ile son çare olarak ise şırınga ile beslenmelidir. İlk 2 hafta…

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How to feed your cats when you are away?

When cats rely on you for food and you are leaving for some time Do you own cats or are you feeding street cats? In that case, especially when leaving for a longer period, you are worrying about the cats that rely on you for food. You probably won’t want to bother your neighbor of friends to much by…

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Street dogs and cats in Kusadasi

About the street dogs and cats in Kusadasi During my summer vacation, one of the first things that struck me were the large numbers of street dogs and cats on the street. Especially in the hotel gardens and near restaurants. Most of them were cute, especially the kittens and the puppies. I could never resist the temptation to feed…

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Over de straathonden en katten in Kusadasi

Over de straathonden en katten in Kusadasi Het was tijdens mijn zomer vakantie, één van de eerste dingen die mij opvielen; de grote aantallen straathonden en katten op straat. Vooral in hoteltuinen en in de buurt van hotels en restaurants. De meesten waren schattig, vooral de kittens en de puppies. Ik kon nooit de verleiding weerstaan om de zwerfdieren…

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Stand at Turizm Haftazı (week of Tourism) at the Kervanseray Kusadasi

Our very first fundraising event was great! We are delighted to announce that Animal Rescue Kusadasi hds been granted a stand on the Turizm Haftasi  (tourist week) event at the Kervan Seray (map Kervansasray Kusadasi) from 20-23 April 2018. Many came to our stand for information and several nice items, cookies and cakes were sold, Of course all revenue…

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New Born Kitten Care

Kitten Care Some helpful things for caring for New born kittens up to when they are weaned Author Brenda Cassidy The main concerns we need to think about during their first weeks are feeding, warmth,and learning how to Toilet on their own. Our first option is to find a new mother cat with a small litter as she may…

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